About Us

Stutzki Engineering, Inc. is a consulting firm offering engineering and design services for architects, artists, and building contractors in the field of structural glass, lightweight structures and building facades. With our expertise, we help design energy conscious building envelopes, reducing the energy consumption of a building during its future lifespan. We also analyze the thermal behavior of old or defective facades and suggest state-of-the-art improvements and upgrades.



The ideas and methods of Stutzki Engineering, Inc. are based on a long tradition of academic research and industrial development, as represented by persons like Buckminster Fuller, Frei Otto, John Argyris, and Max Mengeringhausen. The idea behind the company is to combine state of the art engineering and applied science with creative industrial design.



The company is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. Stutzki Engineering, Inc. works mostly with clients over long distances, in the US and abroad, using modern internet technologies for communication.



Stutzki Engineering, Inc. was founded in 2004 in Milwaukee by structural engineer Chris Stutzki and Heidi Stutzki.



Christian Stutzki  Founder and Owner; Structural Engineer (Ph.D. Structural Engineering, Aachen) 
Heidi Stutzki Co-founder, Accounting and Administration (M.S. Education, Alverno College)
Bill Jansen VP, Director of Engineering (B.S. Architectural Engineering, Milwaukee School of Engineering)
John Knowles VP, Director of Technology (M.S. Structural Engineering, Milwaukee School of Engineering)
Kedar Malusare Mechanical Engineer (M.S. Mechanical Engineering, University of Wyoming)
Jan Cervanka Project Engineer (M.S. Structural Engineering, Milwaukee School of Engineering)
Chad Herrell Project Engineer (B.S. Structural Engineering, Milwaukee School of Engineering)
Kevin Carroll Project Architect (B.S. Architecture,  University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee)
Jonathan Smitka Project Architect (B.S. Architecture, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee)

Each year Stutzki Engineering, Inc. performs engineering and consulting for approximately 40 to 50 projects of various sizes.


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